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  1. Speaker, the Minority Front acknowledges the Safety and Security performance report.
  2. In terms of performance budgeting and in light of the rise in hijackings and cash-in transit heists, it is imperative that the SAPS be given the resources they require, as per, a needs analysis.
  3. For example, instead of horses for civilian oversight, give the police motor bikes. Increase the number of police. Root out corrupt or non- performing police.
  4. Speaker today the 21 June marks International Yoga Day and Yoga means being at Peace with oneself. As a legislature, HON. Speaker we should lead by observing Yoga as a means to achieve peace and decrease the crime in our peoples mind sets. This will go well with the Legislatures prayer programme.
  5. I would like to address how innocent protestors have been shot at above the waist at the Chatsworth Police Station recently. We need to know who allowed rubber bulleting and for what?
  6. The outcomes of the enquiry must be debated in this HON. House; as to who will fit the heavy medical bills. This was a Human Rights violation.
  7. Similarly, Hate Speech is becoming a norm with our Political leaders and this need to stop. We need to set an example and such mis-leaders are to be brought to book as they are destabilizing social cohesion and nation building.
  8. Farmer’s murders must stop. Land grabs must stop. Political murders must stop.
  9. There must be control of the influx of foreigners, and I am not xenophobic. We need to see a concrete South African Foreign Policy.
  10. Informal housing clearance must be fast-tracked and there must be a dead stop to more slums arising.
  11. The Minority Front believes a lot more monetary assistance must be given to Community Police forums to get a better performance report for this department.


Debated by: Hon. Shameen Thakur-Rajbansi

Minority Front Leader (KZN Legislature)

Date: Thu 21 Jun 2018

Time: 11:55 to 12:55

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