Debate on the State of The City Address 31 May 2018

Mr. Speaker, Madam Mayor the Minority Front supports this budget with the opinion that this budget seeks to empower and develop the previously disadvantaged and the disenfranchised.

However, we cannot ignore some stark realities. The Auditor General’s decision to withdraw from this municipality siting death threats, allegations, by senior officials, of tender fraud by political office bearers and other incidents of gross maladministration is tantamount to dereliction of duty on the part of this municipality.

It is apparent from such assertions that more needs to be done to root out the rot of corruption which has replaced the characteristics of integrity and honesty that this city aims to achieve.

If our city is serious about this IDP, then we will do everything in our power to desist from moving targets that are integral to the stability and development of the people we are elected to serve.

This city has been found wanting in the area of accountability and as a result, service delivery protests are on a rampant increase. We have, whether inadvertently, neglected to fulfill our duty with regards to civilian oversight which has led to public dissatisfaction and has contributed largely to many of these protests.

Mr. Speaker, Madam Mayor it is hoped that when the time comes for adjustment budgets, we will refrain from frivolously using and manipulating legislation for political gains.

The increased tariffs in water, electricity and rentals and the fragmented Revenue Management System do not support the idea of radical economic transformation especially when verges remain uncut roads are damaged, street lights are not working, libraries are without paper and the list goes on. This Madam Mayor is not a fault-finding initiative but an attempt to create awareness that more must be done.

The MF hopes that during this financial year, the 1860 Indentured Labourer Monument will be erected to honour those who made significant contributions to this city.

Finally, Mr. Speaker, we are at this juncture, of the opinion that this budget does somewhat cater for the poor and includes the interests of those most needy. The Minority Front, will, with the aforementioned submissions, support this budget.

Cllr. Jonathan Annipen


Debated by: Cllr. Jonathan Annipen

Minority Front

Date: Thursday 31 May 2018

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